My Name is Woody.

I have been working full time as a Comedy Magician for the past twenty seven years in venues including The Magic Castle, comedy clubs, cruise ships, and corporate events.


Why I Like Magic:

Do you remember the first time you experienced something very magical?

I can.

It was when I was young enough to still believe in Santa Claus.

I woke up one Christmas morning, saw all the presents under the tree, and thought to myself:x How did he do that? How did he know? xThere was an emotional level there I couldn't put into words.

Think about it.

What can be more magical than the feeling I had on that particular day.x For me, magic is trying to give people this feeling again just for a moment.x Magicians have the ability to reach people on an emotional level that is perhaps not possible with other art forms.

That's why I like magic.

Don't you?


"Pittman draws on audience sympathy as he performs tricks that surprise even him. Pittman is particularly adept at ad-libs with the audience that make this show a hoot."

-The Los Angeles Times

"Woody is...different. A shy kind of guy who you're pulling for to do good and he does. His character works because it comes from within. If he comes to town, go out of your way to see him."

-Professional Magicians Association

"Pittman has a marvelous deadpan delivery, mixing jokes with sleight-of-hand tricks. The audience is invariably charmed."

-The Phoenix Gazette

"There is no doubt that Woody was the surprise hit that people went home talking about. For me, it was one of the highlights of the convention."

-Jeff Evans, PCAM '98,